Fresh Casualties is an interpretation of style, just a line filled with intricate detailed well put together ideas “Dreams.” This was a dream that came from a passion to be fresh, so I started my own line to really just show my dreams. We aim for the best quality always, and remain to be organic when it comes to designs and concepts. Thank you for shopping with us. Enjoy your purchase, and thank you for all the support. We are truly thankful.

Meet Greg

I am North Carolina bred Portsmouth raised. My mom worked most of her life in the Belk department store. Being around clothing running through the mall while she was working as a youth had more influence than I realized.

Fresh Casualties, to me, was a dream I made into reality. This brand is 17 years in the making, and I had the name for years. I finally decided to jump off the porch and bet on myself and my dreams. I started with bleaching shirt hoodies and hats in the backyard of my grandparent’s house. I honestly did not know how good I would get at designing my clothing.

I look at my brand as a concept. Being fresh is what I was known for in my high school years, so most say it makes sense that I have a brand, and I am good at it. This brand is so much more to me than just a clothing line. I don’t look at this as a source of income, and this definitely isn’t a hobby. Designing is truly something I love doing. The entire process of drawing out clothing after I dream an idea is amazing. It comes so naturally at this point. As I grow as a fashion artist/designer, I will only get better. I have designs waiting to get out of my head. I am always thinking of new concepts and ways to express this brand. Welcome to Fresh Casualties.

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